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DogOnWeb is a Software as a Service Site enabling the pet industry to manage the overwhelming paperwork requirements from kennel records, medical records, and registrations, to USDA forms, E-Commerce, a WebSales Portal and Business to Business electronic records transfers.

 DogOnWeb.com was built specifically for the pet industry.  This means that all the unique requirements were considered when developing an industry specific software solution.


Connecting The Pet Industry Connecting The Pet Industry

Our software does everything but clean your kennels and vaccinate your puppies !!!

Features include:

    • Automated Forms
      • USDA Forms
      • Registry Forms
      • Health Certificates
      • Many Others
    • Kennel Management
    • Track Breedings
    • Litter Records
    • Medical Records
    • Medical Certifications (OFA, OFEL, CERF, Etc)
    • Vaccinations
    • Medications
    • Medical Procedures
    • Other medical records
    • Document Management
    • Online Pictures
    • Multiple Registrations
    • Integrated Pedigrees
    • Sales
      • Accts Receivable
      • Accts Payable
      • Sales Invoices
      • Purchase Orders
      • WebSales Portal
      • Business 2 Business Sales
      • Electronic Records Transfers

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