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DogOnWeb's online Kennel and Business management account allows you to manage all of your kennel records along with your business related forms, contacts, and transactions.

Kennel Management features include the ability to track all registrations, breedings, litters, and individual animal details.  Medical Certifications and records are created and tracked with an integrated medical scheduler which lets the user create medical items or events and apply them to their animals.  Online integraton with major Registries supporting electronic submission of litter applications and registrations.  Detailed records are kept regarding the sales and shipping transactions for an animal and used to print your USDA, Registry, or State Level health certificates plus many other forms.  A Photo gallery is also provided allowing users to upload and display photo's of their animals.

Business Management features include the ability for Kennels or Re-sellers to create orders and invoices along with all detail information required to complete a sales transactions.  Printing of forms required by various states, the USDA and registries is automated building in accuracy, compliance, and significant time savings when completing sales or transfer transactions.  An integrated Business to Business feature allows for electronic transfer between DogOnWeb users of animals with all of their supporting records such as medical records, date of birth, sire / dam info etc.  The electronic transfer of data between DogOnWeb customers adds instant value to our customers saving them significant amounts of time to re-key data while also adding increased acccuracy.  The integrated pedigree ordering / printing feature also adds instant value to our customers by adding an additional revenue stream while validating the quality and registerability of our customers puppies.  Pedigrees have been proven to help the sales process and allow our customers to average higher sales prices per puppy.  Pedigrees also supply information to a consumer enabling them to make a more informed decision.

Back to Top WebSales Portal WebSales Portal is an optional feature available to DogOnWeb customers who wish to make their puppies available for sale via the internet.  The WebSales Portal allows customers to list items complete with pictures and medical records with just the click of a mouse.  Your potential customers will be able to view your puppies and contact you to arrange inspection or purchase.  You will also be provided with a link that can be posted on your own site linking customers to puppies you have available for sale via the web. 

There are several features of the WebSales Portal that make it unique from other listing services.  The WebSales Portal displays a complete medical record for your puppy, microchip info, imperfections, pictures of the sire and the dam (if you have uploaded them in your kennel management account), and additional details about the sire and dam such as OFA, OFAEL, CERF, hight and weight.

In addition to providing much more detailed information to the potential buyer listins are actually 1 click away.  You no longer need to manage listings on a external site which requires you to re-enter all of your listing details and re-upload pictures.  Listings are automatialy managed by you in the course of your normal business.

The WebSales Portal is only available to current DogOnWeb customers as an optional service.
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Pedigree Research            Purchase Pedigree

Professional Pedigree Research is available for most registered dogs.  DogOnWeb offers detailed dog pedigrees researched from American Kennel Club (AKC®), America's Pet Registry Inc. (APRI ®), United All Breed Registry (UABR®), and American Canine Association (ACA®) stud books and registration records.
Currently 4, 5, 6, and 7 generation pedigrees are available for purchase. If you have requirements for pedigrees past 7 generations feel free to contact us.
DogOnWeb Pedigrees contain registration numbers for the first two generations.  We also include OFA certifications, Colors, Markings, DNA Profile numbers for all but the last generation.  Champions printed in red for free.

Check out our Products link for sample pedigree images and more detailed pedigree information.
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